Fostering if you're single

We need people from all walks of life to become everyday heroes - being single does not matter. In fact often it means you have more time to give to the children that you care for! And it doesn't matter whether you're male or female either. We need carers from all backgrounds and walks of life, single, couples, young and experienced!

Some people also worry that they can't foster if they've not had their own children, but that's not true either. It doesn't matter whether you've had your own children or not, or how much experience you've had with children and young people. All our foster carers are fully trained before they're approved and are supported 24 / 7 when they are approved so you don't need to have experience with children or young people before you become a foster carer.

Many people believe single men can't foster, but that's not true either. Lots of single men make great foster carers and can offer something different to a family setting. Again, if you're over 21, have a spare bedroom and want to make a difference then get in touch with us.

Parallel Parents has been rated "outstanding" by Ofsted in our last two inspections!

We pride ourselves on the"outstanding" levels of support we offer to our foster carers and our focus on the best outcomes for all children and young people in our care.

We have over 20 years of experience and more than 200 foster carers looking after children and young people.

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