Nicky's Story

Nicky came to Care Today after putting herself at high risk of sexual exploitation. She needed to be moved into a completely new setting away from her home situation, so she came to one of Care Today’s specialist rural farms. Settling in was very hard for Nicky, and she continued to put herself at risk and struggled with low self-worth.


Staff at Nicky’s home put lots of boundaries in place to make sure she was safe and not at risk of exploitation. Though she wasn’t in education at first, the staff at her home encouraged her to settle at school and she managed to complete her GCSEs. After 3 years at the farm, staff supported  her transition to live independently. She managed to get a job when she left school, passed her driving test and bought her own car.

Charlie, Brandon and Ellie were all very young when they came into foster care due to neglect – 4, 3, and 2 respectively. Developmentally, they were very behind – Charlie, the oldest, had not started nursery and was still in nappies. All of the children were malnourished, had severe dental problems and limited verbal communication.

All of the children were placed together and their foster carers began by seeing to the children's immediate health needs, liaising with various medical professionals. The carers did an amazing job: in what seemed like no time, Charlie and Brandon were toilet trained, speech and language therapy was under way, and the children were gaining weight and starting to look happier and healthier.

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