Sam's Story

Having spent most of his childhood growing up in foster care, Sam knew just how big an impact foster carers have in a child's life. And now he's decided to do something to help children like himself by becoming a foster carer!

After the breakdown of his family when he was just seven, Sam was separated from his older brothers and sister. He stayed with numerous foster families and went into residential care for a while, but settled with a foster carer called Janet who really helped to change his life.



“I wasn't easy to look after, and I certainly tested her patience,” says Sam. But now he's on the straight and narrow, Sam realises that Janet was the first person to really give him a chance in life. He needed someone who could gave him the space to do his own thing and allow him to make mistakes, but to also patiently guide him into the right decisions. “Something just changed in me and I started to listen to what Janet was telling me. I realised that life is easier when you make the right decisions so I started to make them.”

Now a plasterer, Sam has settled down with Lorna, who works with vulnerable children and young people as a family support worker. “It can be difficult at times,” she says, “but my job has given me a big insight into what fostered children have gone through and struggle with. I know where they've come from and so want to do everything I can to give them a chance in life.”

Like many others, Sam & Lorna had thought about fostering for many years but wanted to wait until they'd had their own child before they started fostering. Now their beautiful daughter, Summer-Mae, is two, they feel that the time is right for them. “Having Summer-Mae has been amazing” Sam says, “we just love being parents and want to give other children the same chances that she has.”

Alex came to live with her foster carers after her relationship with her grandmother broke down. She has no other family members, or at least she doesn't know where they are, so she ran away from home and ended up being taken to hospital after becoming involved in a violent altercation with a group of teenage girls.

Alex's foster carers helped her to recover from this. At first, she presented as shy, quiet (though polite) and vulnerable. She was very impressionable, had low self-esteem and was superficially self-harming. She also required some encouragement around personal hygiene and maintaining a healthy diet. Getting her to stay in school for a full day seemed almost impossible – she just didn't want to go.

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