Stuart's Story

Stuart is one of a large sibling group. It has never been possible to place all of the siblings together but over the years they have been placed with foster carers in small groups. Most recently Stuart was placed with his brother, Mark, but their behaviour when together was difficult for their foster carers to manage as they got into a lot of fights. At the age of 14, Stuart had also got involved with a local group of teenagers who were encouraging him to stay out late at night, drink and smoke cannabis.

The decision was made to move Stuart to a new foster placement, away from the local area, so that he could have a fresh start. At first he didn't like it and so made a few attempts to go back to his old neighbourhood. He tested his new foster carers with challenging behaviour (after all, he's had a lot of moves) but they persevered and put appropriate boundaries and incentives in place, as well as a few compromises.

Stuart has now been with his foster carers for over a year – quite an achievement for him. He finally feels like he has found the right family. The foster carers have a twenty year old son, who is a positive role model for Stuart, and they've supported him to engage with a local football club and helped him to access some counselling and help with regards to his drug use. Stuart is also doing Karate, which is providing a positive outlet for his aggression, and he has aspirations to become a black belt! Even though Stuart had to start at a new school, his grades are picking up, and it seems likely that he will be able to pass quite a few GCSEs. Stuart is particularly good at art, and would like to study this further at sixth form college. He's also doing some work experience at a local garage. Stuart is still able to see his brothers and sisters on a regular basis, but he now feels part of a family who can focus on his own needs.

Having spent most of his childhood growing up in foster care, Sam knew just how big an impact foster carers have in a child's life. And now he's decided to do something to help children like himself by becoming a foster carer!

After the breakdown of his family when he was just seven, Sam was separated from his older brothers and sister. He stayed with numerous foster families and went into residential care for a while, but settled with a foster carer called Janet who really helped to change his life.

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