Refer a Friend!

Even if you don't Fostering is for you, there's still a way to help children and young people living in care! 

If you know anybody who is interested in fostering, you can recommend us to them... As a thank you we give you £500 for everyone you recommend who is approved as a foster carer with us!


Here's some of the qualities we love to see in our carers:


Non-judgmental attitude, wanting to care for the children whatever their difficulties.

Warm, welcoming and positive personalities, helping the children adjust to their new home.

Having a nurturing and encouraging attitude, being empathetic and caring.

Stable, resilient and emotionally strong, enabling them to support the children in their care.

Fostering Application Process img2.png

Patient and self controlled, the ability to remain calm when dealing with challenging behaviours.

Flexible, and open to being part of the parallel Parents family working as part of the team.

Trustworthy and honest, ensuring the children in their care are safe.

Being fair and reasonable, especially in approaching boundaries and discipline

Willing to learn, to improve skills, knowledge and understanding 

Motivated to develop, allowing them to adapt and meet the needs of the children in their care

Professional, and aware of the boundaries between themselves, the children and the child's family to ensure safe caring

How does the referral fee work?

Upon receiving a referral our local foster care development worker will contact the applicant and go through an initial enquiry screening call with them to ensure they meet the basic requirements needed to be a foster carer. If the applicant is successful the foster care development worker will arrange a visit to the applicants home with one of our existing foster carer's to asses the household and discuss fostering in depth. Following a successful visit the applicant will be invited to fill in an application form.  Once this is complete it will be reviewed by our registered manager and if approved to advance to an assessment we will pay you £150.  

The remaining amount of £350 will be paid when the new carer is approved and had a placement for four weeks. 

You need to recomend us to your friends and family and not pass us their details especially without their permission.  If for any reason the applicant is unsuccessful we will inform you, but the reasons will not be shared as this is confidential.

Becoming a foster carer can
even kick-start a career!

Some of our social workers started out as foster carers with us! We completely support carers who want to progress their career by becoming social workers, support workers, therapists or counsellors. We provide and support carers through training so that they can become the best version of themselves!

Contact us and start the journey of a lifetime! 

Take the first step towards becoming a foster carer today!