Who Can Foster?

People foster for all sorts of reasons and at different stages of life. Some have experience of bringing up their own children, others have worked with disadvantaged children and young people before, and others foster because they want to make a difference and help children in need.

All foster carers are everyday heroes! They are just ordinary people with room in their home and their heart! You don't need to have experience as we provide all the training and support you need.

Foster carers can be anyone! It doesn't matter if...

You're retired or age 65+?

You can foster whether you're 25 or 78, as long as you have a zest for life and are committed to make a difference to children and young people.

You have a criminal record?

Having a criminal record does not necessarily prevent you from becoming a foster carer – it depends on what your convictions relate to and how recently they have taken place. Each case is individually looked at when you apply. 

You've got kids at home?

You can foster whether you have children or not as long as you have a spare bedroom. If your children still live with you at home then we will make sure any children you foster fit well with your family and your circumstances.





You already work?

When you become a foster carer the children you look after will be your first priority but, as long as your job is flexible, working alongside fostering is fine.

You've not got much experience?

It doesn't matter whether you've had children or not or whether or not you have worked with children or young people before. Having these experiences could be really helpful, but we offer all the training and support you need to be the best foster carer you can be.

You're LGBTQ+?

You can be a foster carer regardless of gender or orientation. It's your personality and character that makes you a good foster carer. We work with New Family Social, find out more here.

You're religious?

There are thousands of children needing foster families and they come from a variety of religious and racial backgrounds, and can settle well with foster carers with similar beliefs.  

If it's just you!

You can be a foster carer regardless of whether you live on your own, are part of a couple, or have a family. It's not your status that matters, it's the qualities and support you can give to a child.

What matters is that you want to make a positive difference!