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Do you want to know how to become a foster parent? Do you want to start an immensely rewarding career? Are you looking at transferring fostering agencies? 

We are a child-focused, family run agency, and we believe that our approach and focus on support makes us stand out. Plus, we have been rated "outstanding" by Ofsted since 2010!

We have over 25 years of experience and more than 200 foster carers looking after children and young people.

If you're thinking about becoming a foster carer or have questions about fostering please get in touch with us!

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We pride ourselves on the"outstanding" levels of support we offer to our foster carers and our focus on the best outcomes for all children and young people in our care.

They also said "foster carers receive excellent supervision and support.... A number of foster carers stated that the supervision and support they receive from this agency, was far superior to that of other fostering agencies.''


In our last inspection, Ofsted said "children and young people are at the heart of this agency's practice and this is demonstrated throughout the service... Children and young people make considerable progress and achieve excellent outcomes in their lives."


There are so many rewards when you foster with Parallel Parents... Click here to find out more! 


Start a rewarding career in which you can make a real difference. We will fully train and prepare you to be a great foster parent and help give a less fortunate child a brighter future.

We give you all the support and information you need to get started as a foster carer. If you have a question that hasn't been answered by our website, feel free to start a quick web chat with us, email us, or give us a call, and we'd be delighted to answer your query!



We’ve been foster carers with Parallel Parents since 2008. It’s not been an easy ride, but we remember the positives when things are a little rocky! We currently foster a fantastic lad who came to us when he was just six and so he has really grown up with our family. He’s fitted in perfectly and we know he’s going to do well, we reckon he’s going to be the next Ed Sheran! 


We started fostering because we wanted to give children who haven’t had a great start the chance to be part of a normal family - with the ups and downs that come with family life! Before we fostered we had some young footballers that played for our local football team living with us. Living with people from different backgrounds was fun and it was great for the development of our own children, so when that came to an end fostering seemed like a natural step. 


Between myself and Trisha we had a fair bit of experience working with children and their families before we fostered. Trisha had worked for a long time in a school with disadvantaged children, and I had been a football coach for children from many different backgrounds. I closed down my engineering business to focus on fostering full time as I knew it was something I wanted to jump head first into.


As well as the boy we foster at the moment, we’ve looked after other children who have each come from different situations. Just a couple of weeks after we were approved we took in a young girl who had been neglected by her mum who stayed with us for 18 months. And we’ve had another lad who came to live with us from a children’s home. We were his fifteenth placement so we weren’t sure how long he’d end up staying with us, but he stayed until he was 18 and is still in touch with us from time to time. It’s so rewarding to know that we’ve had a part to play in both these young people’s lives, and that we’ve made a difference along the way.


As I said, fostering is a roller coaster ride, but being with Parallel Parents I know that if I need help at any time I can chat to my social worker literally any time day or night. It’s just reassuring to know that they’re always there to support our whole family. Fostering has been an amazing experience for our whole family and it’s something that I’d recommend to everyone!


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