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We are really proud of Parallel Parents! There are so many reasons why we are a great agency to foster with, so have a read!

We talk to our carers all the time to find how we could improve. Want to see what they have to say? Jump to the stats

  • Receive £1,600 - £2,000 p/m per child you foster

  • Allowances increase with your experience and expertise.
    E.g. an experienced carer wi
    th 2 children can receive £4K p/m. 

  • Allowances are usually TAX FREE and benefits already claimed are not usually affected

  • Additional seasonal allowances paid twice a year.

  • Seasonal supplementary allowances and length of service awards

Receive £1.6-£4k p/m per child you foster​​

  • 14 days paid respite per child for all foster carers

  • Respite breaks can give carers some breathing space or opportunity to spend time with existing friends and family

Paid holidays and breaks

Support Group
  • Therapeutic support services available

  • One to One counselling offered to support you and family

  • Theraplay for children who need it to help work through trauma

  • Education support services

  • Outreach and needs-led support

  • Mentoring and Buddying

  • Support from our Autistic Spectrum Condition and ADHD Hub. 

  • Sensory Profiling by a qualified practitioner

Therapeutic Support Available

Image by Jason Goodman

  • Accredited training and professional qualification opportunities from Training to Care, including Level 3 Diploma 

  • Full training given to all prospective foster carers and regular training provided when approved, training is practical and relevant

  • Bespoke training provided to equip the individual needs of foster parents

Full Training provided

Untitled design (3).png
  • Access to a private members area on our website where you can access perks

  • Discount cards available for days out, shopping, clothes, holidays and much more

  • Free memberships to The Fostering Network, NWG Network 

  • Events and meet-ups with other foster families

  • Access to your local fostering resource centre

Members Area with Perks

When becoming a foster carer for Parallel Parents you will also have access to Spectrum. Spectrum is a hub run by Emma Furness to help support our team and foster carers with children who could be on the ASD/ADHD spectrum.

About Emma Furness
Emma Furness is our Autism/ADHD Specialist for Parallel Parents and Care Today. She can help with learning
new strategies to help families understand autism and ADHD. Emma has 14 years lived experience with her own children, along with a Masters Degree in Children with Autism and is currently completing a PhD to explore behaviours and diagnosis.

While Emma specialises in autism and ADHD, she is also a
Sensory Needs Practitioner and will be delivering 'Sensory Processing' training in all areas throughout the year. Emma can also complete a sensory assessment, to provide a sensory diet for our young people.

Please see the video below for more information from Emma


Our stats don't lie...

99.8% of our carers said they were happy with fostering!

From 2021, 96% of our carers have rated the support they received as 7/10 or above, with over 70% of the ratings being 10/10.

Not a single young person in our care has said that they were unhappy with their foster family.

Carers rating of support given (since 2021) (1).png

From a survey of 452 carers since 2021

But really, we believe the best way of finding out if Parallel Parents is the agency for you is to ask our foster carers!


Here is what some of them have to say about fostering with us...


Afiya & Moses

"Our fostering advisor is always available to offer help and support when needed. Our foster child always looks forward to seeing her and even tidies his room when he knows she is going to visit us!"



"Parallel Parents is a very caring agency. It is not like being part of a corporate organisation; instead it is more like being part of a family."



"Parallel Parents helped me realise my true potential as a foster carer and I hope to achieve more in the future." 

Agency Img3.png

Apply now!

Start a rewarding career in which you can make a real difference. We will fully train and prepare you to be a great foster parent and help give a less fortunate child a brighter future.

We give you all the support information you need to get started as a foster carer. If you have a question that hasn't been answered by our website, feel free to start a quick web chat with us, email us, or give us a call, and we'd be delighted to answer your query!


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