Why are children fostered?

In England there are approximately 80,000 children living away from home. Approximately 57400 of these young people are living in 44,500 fostering households (Fostering network 31 March 2020).


Living with foster carers is usually best for children and young people who are taken into care as foster carers can provide a safe and stable home in which they can be nurtured.


Every child who goes into foster care has a different background and story. They may have had a breakdown in their birth family, illness, or need to be taken away from their home because of a situation where their safety and welfare has been threatened.

No matter what their background, young people who are fostered will feel a sense of loss being separated from their birth families and will have worries about moving into foster care.

As a foster carer it is important that you understand the reasons why children go into care, which is why we offer free training to all our foster carers before they are approved and continual training afterwards. The difficulties fostered children have been through are often expressed through challenging or difficult behaviour. They may have tantrums, be clingy, reject your care, or act younger than they are. But with our training and support we make sure that all our foster carers have the superpowers they need to help whoever they look after.

The Fostering Network estimates that fostering services need to recruit a further 7,220 foster families in the next 12 months, so it's more important than ever to ensure foster carers are available for young people in care!



We train & support you!


We know that fostering has its ups and downs and can be challenging at times.

That's why we think it's really important to give you lots of training before and after you're approved as a foster carer.

Our sister company, Training 2 Care, which is a City & Guilds approved training and development team, that provides both internal and external training for all of our foster carers. We get our experienced foster carers involved in training all the time to to make sure training is relevant, interesting, and practical.

Specialist training for our foster carers on subjects such as behaviour management, attachment training, life story work, internet safety, therapeutic approaches, first aid, preparing for independence and much, much more.

Training is also tailored to suit particular the interests and requirements of our foster carers depending on the type of children they look after and their individual needs.

In addition, we love seeing our carers develop.  In each area we have 'Hub Carers' who are experienced carers that get involved with, providing peer support to other carers in the area, run support groups, and get involved with helping us to find new foster carers to join our fostering family. Hub carers can then further develop and become paid support workers or go on to do their social worker degree. 

Ofsted have stated "foster carers receive excellent supervision and support... A number of foster carers stated that the supervision and support they receive from this agency was far superior to that of other fostering agencies."