What Ofsted say about us...

We have been rated an "outstanding" fostering agency by Ofsted in our last three inspections!

Our most recent inspection was in February 2018.

Ofsted rate Parallel Parents as "outstanding" in every area of our fostering service:

  • Overall effectiveness: "outstanding"

  • Experiences and progress of, and outcomes for, children and young people: "outstanding"

  • Quality of service: "outstanding"

  • Safeguarding children and young people: "outstanding"

  • Leadership and management: "outstanding"


Ofsted is a regulatory government body that inspects and regulates services that care for children and young people such as schools, nurseries, fostering agencies, and children's services.

We are regularly inspected by Ofsted to make sure we are complying with the regulations and standards met by the governing bodies, and to highlight areas where we are excelling or where we could improve. We have a specially dedicated quality department who make sure we're not only complying with standards and regulations, but that we're exceeding them wherever possible.

What is Ofsted?

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Overall judgement

  • Parallel Parents is an "Outstanding" independent fostering agency which effectively meets the complex, individual needs of children and young people. As a result, children and young people make exceptionally good progress and excellent outcomes are achieved.
  • Children and young people are at the heart of this agency's practice and this is demonstrated throughout the service.


  • A significant strength of the agency is the quality of their matching process.
  • Carers receive all the necessary information prior to placement to enable them to make a considered decision as to whether they can meet the needs of the child or young person.
  • Carers reported they are not placed under any pressure to take placements, instead the agency carefully explores whether the foster carers and their families can meet the needs of the child or young person and the placement is appropriate.


  • Foster carers receive excellent supervision and support.
  • Foster carers were particularly complimentary about the support provided and its impact on the care that they provide.
  • Foster carers all confirmed that there is 'none of this, us and them' in the agency, and that 'we are treated equally and very much part of the team.'
  • A number of foster carers stated that the supervision and support they receive from this agency, was far superior to that of other fostering agencies.

Listening to children

  • Children and young people are always listened to and are encouraged to be involved in decisions that affect their lives.
  • Children and young people feel valued because foster carers listen carefully and take on board any comments and feedback that is given. They willingly act as advocates so that views of the child are taken seriously and acted on.
  • Staff are always extremely keen to listen to [children's] views and will use them to develop the service.

Enriching children’s lives

  • Carers have a very good understanding of [foster children's] individual needs and they go to great lengths to ensure they are met. Children and young people develop excellent relationships with their carers. Consequently, they develop a very secure base with their carers and feel very much part of the family. They also receive exceptional care and are able to experience and enjoy a variety of extremely positive experiences.
  • [Children] live in a very healthy environment and their physical, emotional and social-well being is very actively promoted.
  • The agency and foster carers are very proactive in ensuring children and young people are able to pursue their interests and leisure activities. This enables them to develop their specific interests, abilities, skills and ensures children and young people lead full and active lives.

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