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8 ways to stay safe with young people for Bonfire Night

This weekend lots of people will be out to celebrate Bonfire Night, so here are some tips on how to do this safely and responsibly!

1. Stand well back from fireworks and bonfires

2. Never touch fireworks. Only an adult who knows what they're doing should light them

3. Always try to attend an organised event. Accidents can happen, so it's always best to let the professionals do it

4. If you make your own bonfire, create a sturdy teepee of dry branches with kindling inside. Keep it sheltered from the wind and away from anything flammable and have water handy just in case

5. Always wear gloves when using sparklers and hold them at arm's length - when they're finished, put them in a bucket of sand or water.

6. Wrap up warm, the nights are getting colder now!

7. Keep young people and pets well away from the fire and fireworks.

8. HAVE FUN and enjoy yourself!

Send in your Bonfire Night pictures and what you have been getting up to with your young people! We love to see them!

We hope you all have a fantastic bonfire weekend making memories!


Recruitment Manager

Parallel Parents Fostering

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