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A poetic take on fostering with Parallel Parents

Too many children are suffering and in pain,

Early intervention cutbacks are causing a strain.

Watching the news and reading media publications,

Creates an urge to support and help all nations.

Children and families need us to intervene,

By offering an environment that's cosy and clean.

So pick up the phone and call Parallel Parents,

Who can offer you advice, support and plenty of guidance.

An initial home visit will commence real soon,

To complete some paperwork, all in an afternoon.

Skills to foster training comes shortly after,

With information given, causing sadness and laughter.

Successful at this stage, will give reason to proceed,

To the form f assessment, which you will get to read.

From time to time, Intrusive it may feel,

This is a necessity, because we need to keep it real.

References and checks are completed behind the scenes,

This can take some time, because we're not machines.

It's all coming together now and the big day will soon arrive,

When you attend panel and your approval to foster will become live.

Congratulations and we welcome you as foster carers,

Offering you 24/7 support, to prevent any terrors.

Training and finances are provided throughout,

Because caring for these children is what Parallel Parents is all about.

By Emma Furness

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