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Child Safety Week 2017

It's Child Safety Week at the moment which is run by Child Accident Prevention Trust to raise awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented.

Accidents are a leading cause of death, serious injury and acquired disability for children and young people in the UK. They account for three deaths every week and over 2,000 hospital admissions.

Many of these accidents can be prevented. By their nature accidents often happen when they are least expected. There are lots of reasons for this. Sudden changes in a child’s development, for example, babies starting to crawl or walk, can take parents or carers by surprise. And there are risks that aren’t always obvious – most accidents to young children happen in the home, where we might think children are safest.

The pressure on parents to juggle competing demands and put safety first can also be overwhelming, even for the most well-informed and equipped. Child Safety Week aims to help families understand the risks, as well as the consequences – but most importantly, the simple ways that accidents can be prevented

We all have a part to play in sharing the responsibility for preventing accidents among children, and we know that nothing is more powerful than the voice of experience.

There is loads of helpful advice and practical tips in this free info pack ---> Child Safety Info Pack

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