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Foster care fortnight 2021#whywecare

Foster Care fortnight 2021 is here and this year is a great theme #whywecare!

So we decided to ask our extended family why they care and wanted to start with this fantastic story about one of our fostering families.

Previously being a social worker, I had worked alongside foster carers

for many years and always admired how they made such an impact in

children’s lives.

I had previously looked into it many years ago but working full time I

could not see how I could give them the time they would need.

When I stopped working to have my children, I felt quite a loss and

missing my work although completely content with being at home

bringing up my children.

I looked into volunteering groups such as Home Start but did not feel it

was right for me.

Fostering had been an idea for some time but was not sure I could do it

as my partner works abroad or away a lot of the time. However, one day

my girls and I were watching the new Annie on telly and both my

children found it deeply upsetting that children could be placed with

people like Ms.Hannigan, and both of them asked why we couldn’t have

the children here.

After long chats with them about the pros and cons and how they might

behave, their need to share their possessions, get angry at times and

also times they will feel very sad and we will need to help them through

those bad days, they were still overwhelmingly excited about our new


We decided that we still would only like to do Respite so that we could

give several children a chance to make wonderful memories here and

still have time for their friends to come over during the week and have

time with me as well.

We have never looked back and have had the most amazing children

here some suffering the most extreme traumas. We have up to 4

children at a time and my children’s opinion on that is ‘the more the

merrier’. They embrace each child and have become great friends with

nearly all of them. It has taught them empathy, compassion, acceptance

and tolerance and I am so proud of them.

I am overwhelmed with how life changing fostering has been to us,

virtually every weekend, half term and holidays filled with children here.

They travel from near and far and have suffered an array of sadness in

their lives. Our job as we see it is to support them, care for them, listen

to them, respect them and the biggest thing is to give them a good time

and that they leave here with great memories of being able to be a child

again and forget their sad times. What we get back is so worth it, they

race out of the car running to give us a hug with a huge smile on their

face and that is worth everything and why we do it. #whywecare

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