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We have put together a list of some fun activities for young people. We have something for all ages and have split off some more ages specific things you can do together.

We would love to see pictures or videos of your creations and activities. Please share them with us at


Do a world tour, or home holiday. Pick a country or several and learn about the culture and customs. Maybe try some different foods learn some songs or dances from each country.

  1. Make Salt dough decorations. Once baked decorate them any way you want paints, glitter, stick sequins on etc.

  2. Make ginger bread figures, use different shape cutters or free style and create your own shapes.

  3. Make birthday cards for the year, for younger ages you can use finger painting or hand and feet stamping. Older children can write poems, rhymes or jokes.

  4. Collect some pebbles or rocks and decorate them at home. Then, when you next go on a walk leave them for people to find.

  5. Make different flavour ice lollies, add in fruit or blend flavours together. Add food colouring for different layers.

  6. Build a fort using sheets, towels, blankets, and pillows. Ideal for reading stories or playing in.

  7. Make a trash monster or musical instrument out of recycling materials.

  8. Make an obstacle course round the house or garden. Who can complete it best or in the best time. But remember to be careful.

  9. Make a bird feeder out of an old milk bottle or other recycled materials. Make a record of which birds come to your garden. Watch out for cheeky squirrels too.

  10. Make a sun dial for the garden again out of recycled materials or things from the garden.

  11. Design a treasure hunt round the house or gardener. Get everyone involved to solve the clues.

  12. Play walking bingo when you go for a walk outside. Design bingo cards with different things you might see on your walk and see how can complete their card first.

  13. Make a bug hut for the garden out of recycled materials and thing you find in the garden. Record which bugs use it each week.

  14. Do some Shadow drawings (when the sun's out) lay some paper in a sun spot and put different items or toys on the edge then draw round the shadows. For older children can you make your drawing into a comic or story?

  15. Make good deed vouchers for each other. Write down a good deed you would like someone to do for you and put your name on it. Put them all in a jar and each person take's one out. Whoever's name you get, do the good deed or task for that person.

  16. Make a treasure hunt round the house or garden or go bigger and do it in a local park.

  17. Make a mini golf course out of old cardboard boxes, tubes, and recycling cans or bottles.

  18. Make a mini golf course out of old cardboard boxes, tubes, and recycling cans or bottles.


  1. Do some Finger painting or feet or hand stamping.

  2. Make potato stamps, create some great new pictures.

  3. Make some simple sock puppets. Use them to tell or read stories with. Don't forget to use funny voices.

  4. Play birthday party games, musical statues, pass the parcel etc

  5. Try some baby yoga, you can find lots online, for free. Nice and relaxing.

  6. Snuggly story time, get your fluffy PJ's and duvet in the corner of the lounge on a pile of cushions and pillows. So you can read your favourite stories or discover new longer ones.

  7. Make and play with playdouh. Messy play is always fun.

  8. Play dressing up who can you be today

  9. Make a life story lockdown diary or scrap book with all the thing you have made and done during lockdown.

  10. Balloon tennis, blow up some balloons and keep them in the air for as long as you can (ask Matt to sent you some Parallel Parents balloons.

  11. Water play, in the bath or in the kitchen or outside weather permitting. Water play is always fun. Make your own water toys from recycled packaging such as yogurt pots.


  1. Create plastic bottle rockets see who's can fly the highest. Try different shape bottle and see which works best.(might be best to launch them in a wide open space like a local field or park, remember to take all your rubbish home with you.)

  2. Have a paper airplane competition, try different designs and shapes and see who's can fly the longest, highest, furthest.

  3. Make a kitchen garden. Eat some fruit and plant the seeds to grow your own apple, orange, lemon tree. Plant herbs to use with your cooking.

  4. Make a baking soda volcano, baking soda, vinegar, and food colouring see how high it will erupt and what colours you can create.

  5. Make a book mark creature out of recycled materials and use it for your reading. The more you make the more books you can read.

  6. Write some short stories, comic strips or poetry. Why not get everyone involved and you can share yours with friends and family over virtual.

  7. Make up a dance routine or exercise routine. Each day add a new move or exercise.

  8. Go for a walk and take pictures to make a scrap book of pictures relating to things you are learning about at school.

  9. Do a virtual quiz night between friend and family get everyone to make up five questions an answers and take it in turns being quiz master.

  10. Use old or unwanted clothes to make new clothes for yourselves or for dolls or teddies. Make sure you keep safe and ask permission before cutting up clothes.

  11. Make a dream catcher for your bedroom window

  12. Make stained glass window art form old see through sweet wrappers and coloured paper.


  1. Have a gaming competition. Either on electronic devises or with board games. Create a point system and see you can win the most points.

  2. Learn about trading stocks and shares. Do your research first. Then give everyone a virtual £1000 to invest and track your progress over the weeks and months. Set and end date whomever makes the most profit wins.

  3. Hold a sports day in the house and garden. Test your physical and mental ability and see you can be the family champion. Maybe have tasks others can do and hold a virtual sports day with friends and family.

  4. Get in to Ted talks, there are loads of amazing talks to watch on all subjects. See what inspires you.

  5. follow up with free online course. Learn new skills to add to your portfolio or CV.

  6. Make your first CV and have mock job interviews. Why not interview your FCDW and see if they get the job.

  7. Come up with a business idea and write a business plan. Do all your research learn how to market. Design your logo. Present your idea to virtual Dragons den of friends and family see if they would invest in your idea.

  8. Have a virtual film night with friends and family. Set up the computer and sync your DVD player streaming service. Spooky films might be best. Don't forget the snacks.

  9. Learn the high way code and get ready for your driving test ask someone to test your knowledge.

  10. Play family come dine with me or Master chef. Everyone makes on dish for you all to eat together. Score each dish out of ten.

  11. Make your own board game for everyone to play together.

  12. Random act of kindness. Arrange a virtual call with a friend or family member who you haven't spoken to in a while or who might be feeling isolated. Collect litter in your local park and organise it into recycling.

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