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Open Your Heart, Open Your Door

Open your heart, open your door,

When it comes to time, I may need a little more,

I’ve been scared and confused for a very long time,

And on occasion, my happiness I’ve had to mime,

I’ve tried to keep a brave face and do my very best,

But I’ve already moved around more than the rest,

I’m not a referral on somebody’s computer screen,

I’m not the hundredth child my social worker has seen,

I’m a young person with a bright future; I’m not defined by LAC,

It might not always be easy but please don’t turn your back,

All I require is some nurturing and support,

And with this, you’ll see my worries abort,

Please believe in me and my goals and dream,

Please be the biggest supporter in my team,

A new family to call my own,

The realisation that I’m no longer alone,

A foster mum, a foster dad,

A shoulder to cry on when I feel sad,

A sister to giggle with, a new big bro,

Football in the park, a girly shopping trip – off we go!

You might take for-granted such simple pleasure,

But this normality is a lifeline beyond measure,

I’m no longer afraid and I can finally be myself,

And for me, this is the ultimate definition of wealth,

It might be ‘just a house,’ but to me it’s so much more,

The four walls of safety and the closing of a door,

It’s warm and dry, and there’s food on the table for me,

Contentment engulfs me like a hug as far as my eye can see,

This is all I have yearned for; an opportunity, a chance,

To show the world that I’m here to enhance,

Open your heart, open your door,

When it comes to time, it’ll be worth it, that’s for sure.

By Cara Jasmine Bradley

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