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Spectrum - autism, ADHD and sensory needs hub.

Spectrum is a hub ran by Emma Furness to help support foster families who have young people with sensory difficulties, Anxiety, Autism, ADHD and signs of trauma-triggered behaviours.

Emma has 14 years lived experience with her own children, alongside a Masters Degree in Children with Autism, a sensory needs practitioner award and is currently completing a PhD to explore behaviours and diagnosis. While Emma has already been supporting the organisation, we have seen the support she has offered to so many families and have decided to build Emma her own hub to support all families, carers, Care Today staff and young people. After lots of meetings and planning we have now successfully created Emma her

own hub, Spectrum. Emma will help to support families throughout their journey by providing help with learning new strategies or new knowledge around Autism and ADHD. While Emma specialises in Autism and ADHD she is also a Sensory Needs Practitioner and will be delivering 'Sensory Processing' training in all areas throughout this year. Emma can also complete a sensory assessment, to provide a sensory diet for our young people. Please watch her video for more information

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