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Why I became a Foster Carer for Parallel Parents, and how they support me

Meet Moira, Moira has been interested in fostering for over 30 years, unfortunately her family wasn't ready to foster, so Moira patiently waited and put fostering on hold until her and her family were ready. Moira decided to build her own business instead and focused on her work and building a successful business.

In 2021, Moira's business was thriving, but like a lot of business' Moira wasn't sure how COVID would affect her business in the long term. Sadly, Moira also lost her daughter at the start of 2021, and this caused a lot of pain and sadness along with worrying about her business.

Moira decided that this was her time to do something rewarding, Moira wanted to stop focusing on her career and to do something which meant more to her, this is when Moira decided it was now time to start her fostering journey. Moira did some research to find out more about fostering and how to start her new adventure and landed on our Parallel Parents Facebook page and this is where Moira's journey started with us!

Moira is an inspiration to a lot of people. Moira is a single foster carer and has chosen to foster 2 sisters, to keep them together. Moira's foster children adore her, and have come a long way whilst living with her. Moira regularly takes the girls on holidays' abroad, and has been taking the girls on camping trips and lots of fun activities and days out. The girls have slotted in perfectly with the family, and have built lots of positive relationships with Moira's 6 grandchildren. Moira has also built a positive relationship with the girls birth family and they appreciate the life Moira is giving to these girls.

Moira has been fostering with Parallel Parents for 2 years. In the video Moira explains how her fostering journey has been and speaks about her experience with Parallel Parents, including how long the process took to become an approved carer, and what Parallel Parents do to support her.

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