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Growing up in a fostering home, to becoming a Foster Carer, Naomi's story!

Sometimes growing up in a fostering household has such a huge impact on birth children, that they become foster carers themselves!

Naomi's parents fostered for almost 30 years, many of these years Naomi's parents were fostering with Parallel Parents before they moved away. Naomi says that while sharing her parents as a child was challenging at times, she wouldn’t change her fostering experience for the world.

Naomi and her siblings learnt so much through fostering and it influenced Naomi’s decision to become a foster carer for Parallel Parents at the age of 22 alongside her husband. They’ve now been fostering with Parallel Parents for nine years including long term, short term and respite. Naomi and her husband have also had their own birth child along the way, who welcomes new children into his home and gains new siblings and friends!

Naomi's long term placement of 7 years ended in March, Naomi has since chosen to do some short term and respite fostering for a while, however, Naomi and her husband still have contact with their foster child and see him regularly.

"It’s the biggest blessing to be able to commit to fostering as a family", Naomi said. It’s so wonderful to hear the significant impact fostering has on families like Naomi’s – thank you for everything!

Want to know more, watch our video below, where Naomi explains her fostering journey and how she has found fostering with Parallel Parents.

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