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Happy Mother's day 2021

Biological Mum, Foster Mum, Mummy, Mother.

An unbreakable bond like no other.

Granny, Auntie, friendship group Mom - whoever you give the label to,

You might be a Mum yourself - and so this one is also for you!

A partner in crime, a support bubble, a best friend,

The eternal love you supply is a true God send.

Your house is a safe place, however old we grow,

Elated, stressed, angry or scared; Mum's is the place to go.

You nourish us with endless advice, arms open wide,

And bless us with the gift of always being on our side.

You're a hug that sings perspective and strength,

As your words of wisdom reassure our fears at length.

Through first steps and first days at school, you've held our hands,

Helped us with homework, assisted with wedding plans.

You wiped up the tears of our first heartbreak,

Patiently nursed us through pains, colds and aches,

The years pass by; we turn into adults and move away,

But Mum, your source of comfort will tie us to home each and everyday.

Our heroes.

Today is about you- your grace for all to see.

Happy Mother's Day - without you we simply couldn't be!

By Cara Jasmine Bradley

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