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Fostering in the East Midlands

Want to join our fostering team of over 15 foster families in the East Midlands? While our head office is based in Stockport, our team of social workers and foster carers extends all the way down to Rugby. We're looking for carers to join our family, especially in and around Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and most areas in between!

East Midlands

Your social worker will be on hand 24/7 and live absolutely no more than an hour away from you. We make sure you have support as locally as possible! Get in touch now to start your journey.

Meet the team


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Hi, My name is Anna and I'm a social worker within the East Mids team. It's a great team to be a part of. We work hard but we have lots of fun. I really enjoy my job. Every day is different and I love spending time with the children and their families.

In my previous life I was a nursery manager. I've cared for hundreds of children over the last 15 years, which was a real privilege. As a nursery manager I dealt with lots of safeguarding cases. I realised I had a passion for this type of work and decided to re-train as a social worker.

When I'm not at work I spend as much time as I can with my family and friends. I have 6 children so they keep me busy. I also have 2 dogs so my home is never quiet! For fun I love going to festivals and gigs. For relaxation I enjoy paddle boarding, walking in the countryside and being near the sea.


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Hi, my name is Cathy, I am a support worker at Parallel Parents. I have worked with the East Midlands team for a couple of years now. I am also a foster carer which helps me to understand how to best support other carers. I love both my roles, no day is the same and it is so flexible.

I worked for 15 years in an early years setting and use some of those skills in my current role. I love meeting all the lovely children and their carers, I do my utmost to keep the children safe, feel supported and happy in their foster homes.

In my own time I like to spend it walking, gardening, travelling in this country and abroad. Most of all I like to hang out with my family and friends.


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My name is Katrina, but most colleagues refer to me as Kat. I have worked for Care Today/Parallel Parents since December 2004. Earlier in my career I worked for Care Today in one of our residential homes in Liverpool, and then when I moved to Leicestershire I joined the fostering branch of the organisation known as Parallel Parents.

I have worked with all ages of children and it is very rewarding when they make progress and become happy and healthy in foster care. In my spare time I like to upcycle things and I like renovating furniture. I like to chill reading a book or watching a film, and I also write poetry. I like music and love a good dance when I venture out.

I love animals and I have four cats that are podgy and pampered. Two of them were born in a barn and destined for the RSPCA but my intervention has created a good life for them. Parallel Parents have done the same for many foster children over the years working with our foster carers to provide them with safety and love.

You really can make a difference.

Mee The Team
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Apply now!

Start a rewarding career in which you can make a real difference. We will fully train and prepare you to be a great foster parent and help give a less fortunate child a brighter future.

We give you all the support information you need to get started as a foster carer. If you have a question that hasn't been answered by our website, feel free to start a quick web chat with us, email us, or give us a call, and we'd be delighted to answer your query!


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