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What does well being mean to you?

If nothing else lock down has given us all time to reflect. For a short time we have all had to get used to a new type of normal. Being confined to our homes with just the people we live with can be a blessing in disguise for some and a nightmare for others. This might be a time to reconnect with close loved ones and family. A time to slow down the pace of life, play games, share interests and discover new ones together. Happy times!?

For other’s, particularly those who suffer with mental health the confinement and loss of liberty may be playing havoc. The inability to see loved ones outside of our homes adding to anxiety or low moods. Imagine if you suffer from ADHD and are used to being out and about discovering lots of new things all the time. Or suffer depression and a big part of your CBT is outdoors in nature?

Our wellbeing has never been so important. No doubt lots of us can’t wait to be able to hug friends and family and feel the rush of endorphins that only a good hug can give us. But in the meantime what are you or have you been doing to stay upbeat and positive. What achievements no matter how small have boosted your mood and made you feel good about yourself and what are you most looking forward to once this epidemic is over?

For me? Well a simple cup of coffee can make a huge difference. I have loved spending time with my three year old daughter playing with her dolls, painting pictures and splashing each other with water in the garden. Once this is all over, I’m most looking forward to giving my Mom a big hug and heading up the lake district for a camping trip with my daughter.

We would love to hear about your wellbeing and Jenna Downing and Dr Belen Lopez-Perez at Liverpool Hope University are conducting some research entitled,

‘What does wellbeing mean to you? Understanding the different perspectives of wellbeing in children and adults.’

You can get involved by clicking the link here or sharing your thoughts and experience with us.

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