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Parallel Parents by N Mason

One of our foster carers wrote this poem about Parallel Parents

Parallel Parents are a family of our own, We support our carers and children so that they never feel alone. Every individual can help turn a young person's life around, After once feeling lost, with our care new life can be found.

A devoted family network, second to none, Give an amazing feeling to watch carers and children bond together as one. Watching a child grow and change over time, This cannot be described in this short rythme.

I know it has changed me for the better too, To watch a child's strength after all they have been through. I have so much to thank the children and parallel Parents for, I have found a real purpose and has given me a passion of wanting to do more.

Empathy and determination to turn a child's life around is all you need,

With our support and training everyone of us can succeed.

By N Mason

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