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What Survival Looks Like at Home

Here's a really helpful booklet about the four different states of survival which children can swing between; freeze, flight, fight and submit. It explains how the different states are manifest, how they may feel in that state, and how you can help them come out of it.

I would really like your help to feel safe and regulated so I can believe that the love you have for me is safe... I would love you to see these hidden feelings rather than my survival state behavior, I do want to relax and enjoy our life together but I need your help to do this.

Why not take some time to have a read through? And please remmeber that all Parallel Parents' social workers are on hand 24/7 to offer you help and support so please get in touch if you're struggling or want to talk things through!

Click the link below for the PDF download.

What-Survival-Looks-Like-At-Home (1)
Download PDF • 3.84MB

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